One of the best and interesting themes of the lottery results which is declared on our website according to its updates. This Swertres site gives you the latest results which are declared in the Philippines. This Swertres site encourages the visitor that it give the accurate result about winning a number of that lottery. That is the lottery game which is the first time introduced in the TV show. Its lottery Swertres game show starts on March 8, 1995. In that time 2000 people are included in that lottery after some time lottery results are announced. Profitable lottery for that person who has fewer income resources.



SWERTRES RESULT 3D  Latest Official PCSO Swertres …Only players 18 years old and over are permitted to play with the lotto games. This gaming game has every single pull every 11:00 am, 4:00 pm, and 9:00 pm daily. You’re able to see the draw live on YouTube (PCSO gov) or via PTV4 channel. The lottery ticket to your Swertres Lotto reaches Php 12.00 each. It’s currently inclusive of the 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).
It’s the obligation of the lotto players to test on the validity of the information printed on the ticket. On specific occasions where there are no pulls or circumstances of vacations, the PCSO makes an earlier statement on when the draw will restart, including the info. feel fre to write Us about the Swertres result  information Swertres results

SWERTRES RESULT December 23 2019 – PCSO Lotto Results

SWERTRES RESULT December 23 2019 - PCSO Lotto Results

3D Lotto (Swertres result)

Grand Lotto 6/5505-41-39-38-14-2512/23/201963,843,806.400
Megalotto 6/4517-27-38-31-23-1912/23/201944,794,186.000
Suertres Lotto 11AM1-0-312/23/20194,500.00730
Suertres Lotto 4PM0-3-312/23/20194,500.00352
Suertres Lotto 9PM2-0-412/23/20194,500.00732
EZ2 Lotto 11AM25-2812/23/20194,000.00256
EZ2 Lotto 4PM17-1712/23/20194,000.00362
EZ2 Lotto 9PM24-0712/23/20194,000.00592
Ultra Lotto 6/5855-25-17-57-11-5012/22/201982,566,391.000
Superlotto 6/4948-17-09-27-41-1912/22/201915,840,000.000
Suertres Lotto 11AM1-2-712/22/20194,500.00539
Suertres Lotto 4PM1-7-112/22/20194,500.00872
Suertres Lotto 9PM5-9-812/22/20194,500.00187
EZ2 Lotto 11AM24-2812/22/20194,000.00147
EZ2 Lotto 4PM30-1412/22/20194,000.0033
EZ2 Lotto 9PM26-2012/22/20194,000.00145
Grand Lotto 6/5532-37-52-15-06-1912/21/201960,677,747.600
Lotto 6/4224-32-18-39-12-2812/21/20196,525,392.600
Suertres Lotto 11AM7-6-612/21/20194,500.00177
Suertres Lotto 4PM4-8-012/21/20194,500.00264
Suertres Lotto 9PM2-7-112/21/20194,500.00516
EZ2 Lotto 11AM26-1912/21/20194,000.0081
EZ2 Lotto 4PM30-1112/21/20194,000.0059
EZ2 Lotto 9PM26-0112/21/20194,000.00185

Swertres result live

How to win Swertres like a pro?

Players will pick their 3-digit mixtures from quantity zero (0) to (9) and you will select just 1 variety from the ticket column. Other players also benefit from this popular”Lucky Select” where quantity combination has been randomly created for them.
For gamers that will choose to play Rambolito, they can choose their 3-digit mixtures and from that point, PCSO system will automatically create the mixtures depending on the number-digit players’ wager on.
On our Facebook group, we frequently post PCSO Swertres hearing to keep and those are usually generated in their particular computation of PCSO swertres lotto probables plus a few angle predictions. Official PCSO lotto results will also be published there by our associates that we refer to our”Ka-Swertres”. Find swertres result top of the page. feel fre to write Us about the Swertres result  information Swertres results

3D Lotto (Swertres)


Draw Chunks

To make simple the problem, the choice to draw chunks have proved to be finished for the purpose the (four) chunks drawn beforehand (12-36-19-20) was legal for departure the equivalent vintage way within the behavior of the draw and happen to be abandoned within the preserving part of this instrument. feel free to write Us about the Swertres result  information Swertres results

For the of 9, two, 432 winners in private homepage981.00 each and at the ending for the three of 6, we have obtained were awarded had been awarded have been awarded were granted was being awarded have been granted had been granted have been granted had been awarded forty-five,418 winners at personal nationally net page 403.00 each.feel fre to write Us about the Swertres result  information Swertres results

Swertres results

Swertres Taking Notice Of Tambayan Swertres results is exactly what human beings search for. Swertres result is the lotto draw that’s attracted 3 times. The main attraction is completed at 11:00 am, the next is administered at four:00 pm in equal time due to the simple fact that the zero.33 one chooses to place at 9:00 pm. The most important element of the attractions is that amounts are decided by randomly through the technique and also machines are broadcasted with the useful, beneficial beneficial beneficial beneficial beneficial source of PCSO’s usage.

Please, Be Aware of the following reminders out of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO):

  • Playing Swertres is earmarked just for players 18 years old and over;
  •  Draw date places daily except on important Philippine holidays;
  •  PCSO retains the daily draws at 11am, 4pm and 9pm;
  •  Players can purchase their lottery ticket in any socket near them in Php 12.00 per ticket (that is inclusive of 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) that is paid directly to the authorities );
  •  Players are expected to pay heed together with all the draw dates, the truth of the information printed on the surface of the ticket, along with the jackpot prize that’ll be anticipated; and
  • Players ought to be cautious of the dates at which there will not be any lotto draw like during holidays and special events (PCSO consistently makes statements ).



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 Swertres PCSO results

Different game draw procedures in which balls are used in each game that gives fair results to that person who playing that lottery game. Fair game people are connected with the judges and the members of Swertres PCSO. This lottery is also called Mega Gems that will indicate such hidden balls or abstraction. This panel is round in shape after few minutes its stop and card should be shown which is chosen by the contestant. In that pannel number of S

swetres are clearly shown which is drawn. With the passage of time games should be changed in nine parts that are done by the machine.


1. Know that the “Best select along with the Pairing guide” to your referral amounts. Predict and Conclude the routine number.For instance: Know just how many Odd/Evenamounts to select on a likely mix.Know just how many High/Low amounts to select on a likely mix. Discover the syndicate format for all those past results and then Convert number to its syndicate format. NUMBERS SYNDICATE:[0=1] [2=5]

In this way, Swertres have announced results and updates. Helpful for those peoples who have no time to read the newspaper. Swertres are the best and informative site which is telling you a procedure of games and tricks of the chosen number. Must be visiting the site for more motivation and awareness about this lottery game show. There are different jackpots in which different prizes are mentioned like 30,000,00 to 1,8000,00). As the number is exceeding according to date winning price should be exceeded. So the information about prizes date and number are correctly given by the Swertres. Find out More Lotto Results.

Swertres results are announcing on a specific time in one date three to six number is announced like for example

11 am=0,7,1

4 pm= 6,4,9

9 pm=4,1,1

Select the number according to your own choice Swertres play and choose the number. It is the standard strate play game that gives a proper schedule of the exact day which is selected for the lucky draw also date and time. That type of lotteries is not for those people whose age is less than 18 that lotteries are accessible for those persons whose age is above 18. That is the best way to check the site and see the present update of lotteries its is easy and checks it at any place where you want. Swertres is a good and great opportunity avail by the public. Visit pcso main office.

How to Play PCSO Swertres Lotto?

You might also need to play with the Rambolito Swertres. Pick a 3-digit number mix and the machine will automatically permutate and create all of its potential mixtures. In case the chosen 3-digit mix has no replicating digits, e.g.123, then the amount of mixtures generated will probably be six (6). In case the chosen 3-digit mix contains two (2) replicating digits, e.g. 122, then the amount of mixtures generated will probably be three (3). Lucky Pick is available from the Rambolito Swertres System Play, however, of replicating digits, the option isn’t applicable.




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